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Covid-19 Update

Prima Vista Boutique Hotel & Spa Safety Measures

Policy terms and conditions in accordance with the Specific Health Protocol of Greek Government and the National Organization for Public Health, guidelines and measures against COVID 19 the for (Issue B'2084/30/5/20- Issue B’ 1632/21.04.21).   Dear Guest, With only aim and intention the prevention of spread of new corona virus, the protection and safety for all of us, within the framework of GDPR is kept a file of visitors for reasons of protection of public health and with respect we inform you of the following:
  • Article 4: Posted in reception of the hotel is the “First Health” certificate that improves that the hotel:
  1. A4-maintains health protocols
  2. A1: Has appointed a coordinator which
  3. B4.5: Proceeds Self test to the entire staff of the accommodation at least once in the week
  4. A5: Proceeds Self Test to the guest upon request throughout their stay
  5. A3: Cooperates with a health structure/ doctor who acts according to the instructions of NOPH
  6. C: Action plan development in case of a suspect case (Appendix III)
  7. E: Has an Event Book
  8. Z5: Is equipped with medical kit
  9. Article 3: Is trained to use the medical kit in order to handle a suspicious case
  10. Z6:Has informed and trained the rest of staff for the nature of the virus, protect methods, ways to recognize a suspicious case and update visitors with distinctiveness and confidence
  • Article 2/8 Da: Certified room decontamination method with program in collaboration with external accredited partner
    1. Trained staff
    2. Before arrival and
    3. After the departure of the guests, as
    4. All the public areas around the hotel every day
The products used are environmentally friendly, totally safe for humans and animals and certified for each application separately
  • Article 2/ 8 : The hotel has been approved to operate, with a certificate of inspection and chemical cleaning, air conditioners for the prevention of Legionnaires' Disease
  • Article 1/2 a:Personal protective equipment (mask, disposable gloves) is imposed by all hotel staff
  • Article 1/2 Β : We are all always keeping hands clean with soap and water or antiseptic, personal and respiratory hygiene
  • Anti-septic stations shall be provided in adequate and available perimeter on the premises of the hotel for all and similar information signs
  • We must all keep distance(2 meters) and avoid overcrowding

ST2, ST3: This must be notified to all internal, external collaborators and interested parts of the company's website and the Exclusive app. Addition information will be soon available via the room TVs which is used for emergency situation.    

Reception protocol

The staff
  • take all the necessary hygiene measures to avoid transmission of virus (PPE, personal hygiene, surface disinfection and key cards, space separation, adequate space ventilation)
  • Make a suitable configuration of the guest reception area with addition a floor sign keep distance two meters between attendees, such as suitable configuration of the furniture
  • Informs about the accommodation policy and provide relevant information to health providers and personal protective equipment close to the area when requested
  • Displaying information signs of basic health instructions and signage
  • Maintains a check-in and check-out program between stays (Check in at 15:00 and Check out at 11:00)
  • Avoiding overcrowding during check in – check out, keeping distances, will be available soon check in outdoor area or with use of electronic methods for customer service
  •  The electronic application Exclusivi for computers, smart phones and tablets will soon be operating and will amplified every day in order for the guests to notify immediately contactless their needs at hotel reception
  • The electronic payment of the accommodation expenses will be made and sending off documents electronically
  • Entry into rooms for non-residents is forbidden
  • Recommended golf cars to be cleaned frequently
  • Self service parking is required within predetermined areas of the hotel

Housekeeping and Cleanliness Service Protocol

  • The staff keeps PPE
  • Room clean, change of linen and towels is permitted every day during the stay of a guest
  • Cleaning suspects room or a confirmed case is not permitted only according to the instructions of NOPH
  • Information is placed with aim to inform the guest when and how the room was sanitized
  • Fabric surfaces are disinfected with a steam cleaner
  • Program of room cleaning, sanitization and public areas
  • Health service is amplified in all the public areas and especially in items <<high risk>> and furniture
  • Cleaning and ventilation of rooms during hours between guests
  • Individual antiseptic liquid is placed in every room
  • Disposable covers are placed on TV controls
  • Mini bar, kettle, coffee machine and other utensils are available
  • Reusable utilities are available
  • Hygiene rules are observed when sorting dirty linen and placed in bags, closed and transferred to laundry area
  • Dirty and clean linen are separated in different areas
  • Control of compliance with the required measures by a certified external associate of linen and cleaning service
  • Staff are responsible for maintaining checks on delivery and pick up of linen during storage and transportation

Protocol on restaurant services (kitchen)

  • Food hygiene rules are observed
  • Collection of goods always with PPE
  • The use of PPE, hygiene and distance between kitchen workers is respected and entry to non workers is not allowed

Protocol on restaurant services (Breakfast, restaurant and bar area, room service)

  • The staff use PPE
  • The order is taken with QR menu and printed material is avoided
  • In low occupancy breakfast is served a la carte, no buffet, individual portions and packed products/ side dish, where it’s possible
  • In high occupancy buffet breakfast is provided and antiseptic liquid is required in the entry and exit from the buffet. The serving is made from the guest with the use of gloves which are discarded in the trash bin at the end of the buffet. The products are packed in individual portions or covered where it’s possible
  • The availability of half board, full board, dinner and drinks are a la carte and are served in individual portions, packed individually products/ side dish, packages one use where it’s possible. In case of lunch/ dinner buffet keep distances defined during breakfast buffet
  • All items are cleaned thoroughly which were used from the guest or staff
  • After each change of a guest the chairs and tables are cleaned and disinfected while there is a disinfectant around the perimeter of the space
  • A divider is placed at the central bar of the hotel
  • The use of the bar is allowed only for daily guest per couple. Each pair of stools should be 1.5meters apart.
  • For an upright customer the use of a bar is forbidden as well as to be overcrowded
  • The arrangement of table sets maintains distance 2 meters in every direction
  • Minimum distance between seats located on different tables is 90 cm
  • A maximum of 6 people per table is set except in case of families with more members. *Supplement for restaurant services with organized beach
  • The arrangement of axes of the umbrellas maintains the distance of 4 meters in each direction
  • Minimum distance between sun beds located under different umbrellas is set at 2 meters
  • Paths are placed to ensure the movement of the bathers and the observance of their distances
  • After each guest change the sun beds and tables get cleaned and disinfected
  • The provision of products is based on package and delivered to the guest sun bed
  • Towels are allowed to be provided to bathers

Protocol for the outdoor pool, hydro massage and the water supply network

  • Observance of rules for cleaning facilities and chemical analysis of water
  • Proper operation and maintenance of chlorine-level and systems and manual chlorine-level control during the operation of the swimming pool and the recording of value daily
  • Recording setting PH values daily
  • Avoidance of overcrowding (one bather per 5 m2)
  • The use of showers are separated with opaque divider
  • The arrangement of seats is set at 2 meters each direction
  • After each guest change the sun beds and tables get cleaned and disinfected
  • Towels are allowed to be provided to bathers

Protocol for the operation of individual care and wellness services and other shared facilities Spa- Sauna-Massage-Jacuzzi- Gym ( Article 2/8). The above operate with appointments with an external partner of the business

  • The hydro massage is used only individually or with members of the same family. After every use they are cleaned, disinfected and refilled with clean water for the next guest. Furthermore, waiting is required for ventilation of the area between successive uses
  • The gym and the massage room are used individually or with members of the same family. After every use they are cleaned, disinfected for the next guest.
  • The beauty services are provided after request of the guest for an appointment. Before, during and after the scheduled appointment clearance and disinfection of the room, the equipment and utensils which were used as well as PPE from both side will be observed
  These measures are taken by the Greek Government and incorporation into the enterprise policy to ensure the safe and quality stay of our guests, with respect for the each person’s personality and uniqueness, and other than offensive character has.
  • Prima Vista Travel & Hospitality Award Winner in Greece for the year 2019
  • Prima Vista Traveller Review Awarded with 9 out of 10 for year 2020.
  • Prima Vista TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the year 2019.