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Covid-19 Update

Policy terms and conditions

in accordance with the Specific Health Protocol of Greek Government and the National Organization for Public Health, guidelines and measures against COVID 19.

Dear Guest,

With only aim and intention the prevention of spread of new corona virus, the protection and safety for all of us, within the framework of GDPR is kept a file of visitors for reasons of protection of public health and with respect we inform you of the following:

1.Posted in reception of the hotel is the “First Health” certificate that improves that the hotel:
  • maintains health protocols

2.Has appointed a coordinator which:
  • Cooperates with a health structure/ doctor who acts according to the instructions of NOPH
  • Action plan development in case of a suspect case (Appendix III)
  • Has an Event Book
  • Is equipped with medical kit
  • Is trained to use the medical kit in order to handle a suspicious case
  • Has informed and trained the rest of staff for the nature of the virus, protect methods, ways to recognize a suspicious case and update visitors with distinctiveness and confidence

3.The hotel has been approved to operate, with a certificate of inspection and chemical cleaning, air conditioners for the prevention of Legionnaires' Disease.

4.Personal protective equipment (mask, disposable gloves) is imposed by all hotel staff according to government’s seasonal instructions.
  • We are all always keeping hands clean with soap and water or antiseptic, personal and respiratory hygiene.

5.Anti-septic stations shall be provided in adequate and available perimeter on the premises of the hotel for all and similar information signs.

6.We must all keep distance(2 meters) and avoid overcrowding.

This must be notified to all internal, external collaborators and interested parts of the company's website and the Exclusive app. Addition information will be soon available via the room TVs which is used for emergency situation.

*** These measures are taken by the Greek Government and incorporation into the enterprise policy to ensure the safe and quality stay of our guests, with respect for the each person’s personality and uniqueness, and other than offensive character has.
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