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The largest town of Thesprotia county to still maintain its traditional and picturesque character. Perched on a hill between Parga and Sivota, Perdika offers the perfect vantage point from which to take in views of the Paxoi and Corfu islands. The area got its name at the beginning of last century, when the locals thought the shape of the then village resembled a flying partridge. Perdika is a wonderful choice for your summer holidays. Here you can relax and get inspired by nature, the sea and the traditional Greek hospitality. Perdika is a place so blessed with natural beauty that will satisfy even the most demanding travelers. A beautiful natural mosaic of forests, plains, rivers, the turquoise crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea and endless sand and pebble beaches. The olive groves, the plain, the river that flows into the Karavostasi beach and the ancient walls of Dimokastro, all contribute to the unique character of this area. Whether you dream of day trips in areas filled with history and sites, or you’d rather just relax and enjoy some of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen, Perdika has something for everyone. At the foot of the settlement of Perdika lie several crystal clear beaches that will win you over with their exotic colors: Agia Paraskevi, Arillas, Karavostasi, Mega Drafi, Prapa Mali, Sofa and Stavrolimenas. The local residents (a bit over 2,000) are friendly, hospitable and ready to treat you with the most delicious traditional flavors!  


The chapel of St. Athanasios (built in 1811), hidden amidst the plane trees. Take a walk in the surrounding area, along the Paramythiotis River. Climb to the archaeological site of Dimokastro, a 4th century BCE settlement that seems to be hovering over the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. Next to the main square in the old community shop, you’ll find the Museum which houses folklore, traditional, historical and photographic archives of the area. As for beaches, the area offers many with grey sands or big pebbles, with iridescent waters in every hue of blue and green. No matter which one you choose, the clear, crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea are sure to rejuvenate you. Finally, you should definitely plan a visit to the springs of Acheron, as well as to  the Delta of the river that flows into the Ionian Sea, in Ammoudia beach. Every day, boats depart from Ammoudia for nearby destinations, to explore the natural phenomena of the river. (Distance from Perdika, 42 km).


Located just 9 km from the town of Perdika, on the way to Sivota, you’ll find the pristine beach of Agia Paraskevi (you’ll recognize it by the small chapel there). Picturesque and serene, with its pebbly shore and thick sands, the beach is literally surrounded by the verdant green landscape. There’s even a small, uninhabited isle just 150 meters from the coast that you can swim to. You can visit Agia Paraskevi by road, via the Igoumenitsa Highway (29km), via Parga (22km), via Perdika (9km), via the Egnatia Road (when coming from Thessaloniki) and via the Ionian Road (when coming from Central Greece and the Peloponnese). The area is also accessible by plane from the Aktio Airport in Preveza (89km), the Ioannina Airport (92km) and the Corfu airport (79km including a boat trip from Igoumenitsa)  

SYVOTA-PARGA: The Epirus riviera


Sivota has been called “Greece’s Caribbean” — for good reason. The most famous seaside resort town in the Thesprotia county, Sivota lies opposite the southern end of Corfu, in a magnificent area with lush hills, crystal clear waters, idyllic shores, coves and beaches. Sivota is protected by a closed bay, where you can also find many scattered islets and cays: Agios Nikolaos, Mavro Oros with its lighthouse and sea cave, Big and Small Mourtemenos (at the latter you can also find a sea cave). Sivota’s largest beach is Mega Ammos, located right next to Mikri Ammos. One of the most beautiful, hidden beaches in Sivota is Pisina, at the island of Mavro Oros, whose azure waters are only accessible by boat (or any of the cruise ships that organize day trips from Sivota or Parga). You should also visit the beaches of French Molos, Zeri, Zavia and the Bella Vraka beach in Megalo Mourtenomeno.  


A picturesque town in Preveza, popular with travelers due to its unique natural beauty and rich history. Parga will charm you with its island-like character and its romantic atmosphere. The islet of Panagia, the narrow cobblestone alleys that lead up the hill to the castle, the old alleys, the elegant two-storey and three-storey houses with the wooden balconies and tiled roofs (so common in local folk architecture), the legendary river Acheron and the ancient Necromancy, all make up the fascinating landscape that is Parga. When in Parga, you’ll have the chance to visit the castle, on the peninsula of ancient Toryni (a city that flourished in the 5th-4th century BC), as well as the islet of Panagia, with its homonymous church. The castle of Parga was built by the Normans in the 14th century, underwent several raids by pirates and aspiring conquerors, until it assumed its modern form during Venetian rule. Parga also has a rich religious history. Among its most important religious monuments are the church of Saint Nicholas and the temples of Saints Apostles, Saint Helen and Saint Athanasius. The sacred banner of Parga, along with vestments, ecclesiastical relics, manuscripts, iconography and gospels are on display at the town’s remarkable Ecclesiastical-Folklore Museum. If you’re interested in religious tourism, you should also visit the Byzantine monastery of Panagia Vlacherna on the Heladio (Keladio) cape, as well as the chapel of Agios Sostis, which was built inside a rock slope at the homonymous beach. In the broader area, you should also pay a visit to the beaches of Valtos and Sarakiniko (in a closed bay with turquoise waters) in the west, as well as Lichnos and Ai Giannakis in the east. In the summertime, Parga has daily ferry connections with Paxos and Antipaxos as well as with Ammoudia, Corfu and Lefkada.
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